In addition to workshops and events offered by the Hakomi Institute of California, our faculty also sponsors private workshops and groups not associated with the Hakomi Institute. To obtain more information or to register for these events, please use the contact numbers below.


Mindful Relationship Retreat: A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Deepening Love and Understanding

Amid the lush, artistic and spiritual beauty of Bali we will present a retreat designed to explore the structure of your relationships and enhance your ability to step out of repetitive limiting patterns and more fully embody your deepest, wisest self in relationship.

This retreat is designed for individuals and couples who would like to

  • Discover how you are organized around relationship
  • Develop compassion for yourself and your partner
  • Find your relationship’s strengths and resources
  • Apply mindfulness to relationship dynamics
  • Discover the hurts and beliefs that shape your present experience
  • Clarify and change limiting, repetitive systemic patterns of interaction
  • Develop clear and compassionate boundaries
  • Explore sex with kindness and mindfulness
  • Deal with your partner’s anger and complaint

Dates: June 4-11, 2016

Location: Zen Resort, Bali

Faculty: Rob Fisher, MA, MFT Certified Hakomi Therapist/Trainer and Julie Murphy MA, MFT Certified Hakomi Therapist/Trainer

Cost: $2,100 if enrolled by November 30, 2015; $2,500 after November 30, 2015 (does not include transportation)

For More Info: Contact Julie Murphy at www.juliemurphy.org/gpage10.html